Our deliverable

We can offer you a flexible delivery mode that can easily integrate, migrate and deploy in your working environment:


Use the API to put emotion recognition and analytics in your application.

Container Microservice

Provide container solution for emotion-related microservice in your application.

Customized Turnkey Solution

Provide a complete customer-specific emotion AI Turnkey solution.

Our offered Emotion AI solutions for your industry

Emotions related application can be landed into a large number of industries as follows but are not limited to:

Chatbot & Voice Assistant

Discover clients' emotion or cognitive states, provide high Emotional quotient (EQ) decision or customer service and user experience.

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Transportation & Safety

Monitor emotion or cogntive states of drivers or pilots, and improve transportation safety.

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Medical & Health

Improve hostipal or nursing home's customer management, and discover abnormals.

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Retail & Ecommerce

Explore customers' taste and emotion, and personalize product service or user experience to increase sales.

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Education & Entertaiment

Discover customers' emotion, adjust contents or mode of transmission to lead to a positive outcome.

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Robotics & IOT & Chips

Endow robotics or intelligent agents emotion and cognition capabilities.

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