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What is Emotion
Artificial Intelligence?

Emotion AI, also known as Artificial Emotional Intelligence, is at the frontier of artifical intelligence. It aims to recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human emotions and cognitive states.

Empowering machines that understand and empathize with human emotions, and the ability to synthesize emotions for robotic and intelligent agents, constitute our chief purpose. Emotions tend to dictate and govern actions and strategies, and many forward-looking companies, academic and industry experts agree that Emotion Artificial Intelligence is among the most effective ways to maximize the utility and value of AI, making our society and environment safer and healthier.

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How to start

Emotion AI can effectively address today's various challenges of emotional intelligence in diverse industry sectors, powered by emotion and cognitive science, AI, and big data techniques.

We believe we can pave the way for your company to adopt the most effective Emotion AI technologies to power your business, products or management. To start With, you can see what our Emotion AI solutions provide, and you can also let us know more about your requirements in this area.


Our Technologies

We Are A Cutting-edge Emotion AI Company. Multidisciplinary and Multimethods are studied and developed.


Spanning computer science, psychology and cognitive science to model emotion and perform recogntion and synthesis.


Adopting advanced deep learning techniques sequence modeling, attention mechanism, GAN and transfer learning.


Fusing big data and cloud platform to construct large scale real-time process and analytics cloud Emotion AI solution.

Applied Industries

Emotions related application can be landed into a large number of industries as follows but are not limited to:

Bank & Insurance

Discover customers' emotion or cognitive states, boost sales or user experience.

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Transportation & Safety

Monitor emotion or cogntive states of drivers or pilots, improving transportation safety.

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Medical & Health

Automatic abnormal detection and psychological assessment like depression, anxiety, and stress.

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Retail & Ecommerce

Explore customers' behaviors and emotions; Personalize products to improve user engagement.

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Education & Entertaiment

Discover customers' emotion, adjust contents or mode to produce a positive outcome.

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Robotics & IOT & Chips

Emotion machine, Endow robotic or intelligent agents with emotion and cognition capabilities.

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